Dutch radio: fuck off!!

OK, so I’m sure it’s freak athmospheric conditions or something…but I’m having to listen to the Today programme through what seems like the safety announcement for KLM!..come on, surely you can avoid blotting out Radio 4?..goddammit, do you realise how important the Today programme actually is!!!

There’s an FM Country station here in Orlando that, the last I tried it* in a certain location, blocked out a college radio station a full TWO MEGAHERTZ below it.

*the college station, not the country station.

Coldfire, turn your radio down! :wink:

Slapping myself on head. :smack: On seeing the thread title, I assumed this was aoubt COldfire’s “Margaret Thatcher is Dead” thread in MPSIMS.

That certainly is a bummer about Radio 4. That or Radio Scotland is all I listen to. Poor sad Gorilla - Here, if I give you a banana, will that make things better? :slight_smile: