Dutch speakers - what do these words mean?

Here is the funeral procession of Frederik Hendrik, Prince of Orange. Above the seemingly-endless procession of men is some Dutch writing, and some Latin writing as well. Some of them (the flags) seem to be the coats of arms of provinces in the Netherlands. What is written above the hearse? What is written above the men behind the hearse?

Thank you very much in advance for the help.

Maybe you can specify the phrases you want translated?

‘De coronels gaende ter zyden het lijk’ - the Colonels(officers) walking beside the body.
‘coronels dragende het daix ofte poisie’ - Colonels bearing the ‘daix ofte poisie’(<- no clue).

My Browser can’t handle the resolution of the picture; I can’t read the small words

But some of the translation goes like this

A gate erected

the guard of his highness

military officers in large numbers

tell me what you want translated and I will try

Guys in front are various representatives of jobs at courts (chamberlains, falconers, accountants of different things, pages, etc), then kettle drummers, trumpeters, then representatives of towns with standard holders, horsemen, bearers of town/noble houses coat-of-arms stuff-- various towns and houses (Nassau and Orange among others). Some horses are marked as battle-horses or noble-horses. . . The monarch’s arms and regalia come along carried by various VIPS, and there are black “mourning-horses.” Then the ‘corpse’ (Lijk)-- colonels walking beside it, colonels carrying the ‘dais’. Some “Prince Electors” follow, then the Nobility of the Staats General of the United Netherlands, then the feds, presidents and counsellors of the big states and their chamberlains (door-watchers) and clergy and such.

I’ll keep this moving, and start rom the right (end) of the procession, the followers are:
Preachers from The Hague, preachers from Delft, Magisters from The Hague and Delft, (in bold red) Countingmasters of the county of Holland, Door wardens of the counting chamber of Holland, the president, councilmen of HOLLAND, Zeeland and Friesland, the first door wardens of the court of Holland, The President and Councillmen of the high council of Holland, Zeeland and Friesland, The first door warden of the high council, The Noble and powerful lords of the assembly of Holland and west-friesland, - I am beyond bored now. That is a a serious overload on detail on the funeral procession of a dead Dutchman (arguably a Dutchman, anyway)