DVD burning software

I don’t know if this is the proper place to put this question, if it is not i appologize.

I have a lot of movie files on my computer that I would like to burn to DVD. I have a DVD burner but haven’t found a program that would work. I downloaded Nero from their website and burned a DVD, the menu showed up on my TV, but when I selected one of the movies I burned to it, it seemed to lock up.

Does anyone know of a program that will burn a .mpg or .avi file to a DVD that works?

Check out www.dvdrhelp.com
They should answer all your questions. You may have to convert the movies to a DVD compatible format before burning. There are guides for converting .avi & .mpg to DVD compatible files. Some DVD authoring programs will convert the video for you. Commonly, people use TMPGEnc for converting all their video - it handles most formats, and you can convert to VCD, SVCD, or DVD complaint video. Nero is a fine burning program, but doesn’t do too much for conversion - as long as the right file names are there, Nero will burn them. Common authoring programs are TMPGEnc DVD Author, Ulead Moviefactory, and others. Check out the site listed above’s ‘Tools’ section for all your software needs.

Ok thanks, I’m trying this program right now. I’ll let y’all know if I can get it to work.

Are you trying to burn the .avi file to DVD so you can look at it on your DVD player or just to store it?

If you wish to just use the DVD-R’s as storage then Nero 6 should do the job perfectly. But because you mentioned menu I presume that you’re trying to make a DVD-VIDEO.

As already said most people use TMPGEnc but I recently found a new tool that does the job just as well and it’s Nero Re-encode 2.

As with TMPGEnc it’ll allow you to create menus and also reencode your AVI file to MPEG (which may take some time) before burning.

I use Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2 for authoring. It can also convert video, but it doesn’t always do a good job, and it fails on some files. I use TMPGEnc to convert when quality matters, when Ulead fails, or when I’m worried about the audio and video getting out of sync.