DVD commentaries that are in character?

What commentaries are narrated by the actors in character? I’ve been listening to the Freaks and Geeks one where Mr. Rosso, and the math teacher, and Mr. Fredericks narrate the commentary. It’s quite fun, actually. I’m not sure I’d like to watch every ep that way, but it was a good time.

Are there any other TV shows or movies that do this, too?

Bubba Ho-Tepp has an in-character commentary from Bruce Campbell as Elvis.

This Is Spinal Tap has an in-character commentary from the band about how wrong the “documentary” was about everything.

The DVD commentary for Spinal Tap is almost as funny as the movie itself.

Tropic Thunder. “I don’t break character until the DVD commentary.”

Some episodes of Futurama have Billy West and John DiMaggio in character. “A Pharro to Remember” comes to mind.

I remember that line, but did Robert Downey Jr. actually do his commentary as his character (who was also in character)? Because if so, that sounds well worth watching! And fabulously meta.

Spinal Tap sounds like a fun one. I have all of the Futurama DVDs, I should really go back and watch all the commentaries.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog has a commentary track that’s also a musical. The cast isn’t playing their characters from the film, but they’re “in character” as parodies of themselves.

Blood Simple has a gag commentary track by a purported film professor, who claims (among other things) that the film (about a couple of ugly little murders in the Texas back country) was originally a costume drama set in Europe, before the studio re-edited it.

The best I can come up with is Galaxy Quest, which has an optional dialogue track entirely in Thermian.

Incident at Loch Ness.

Yup! It’s a pretty good commentary.

To add to my own thread, Dominic Chianese did a track for DVD commentary as Uncle Junior. I think it was Remember When.

The release from 2000 (and IIRC, the Blu-Ray one from just a week or so ago) has the in-character commentaries; they’re done as if the band is talking now about what was filmed back in the early '80s. The older Criterion Collection edition does not have the in-character commentaries.

Reno 911:Miami has three DVD commentaries, 2 of which in character with different groups of cast members. They even come up with 2 different explanations for how the film crew managed to film Junior’s dream at the begining of the film. :slight_smile:

The Spinal Tap commentary is great, it’s hilarious and since it’s in the voice of the same characters years later it’s almost like a sequel to the movie.

The Reno 9/11 movie had DVD commentary in character. It was hilarious.