DVD ear buds

Hi Guys,
I donate blood platelets every two weeks and they have DVD players we can use. They, also, have TV’s and the head phones they have do not cancel out the TV’s.
I was thinking that if I got ear buds, they might work better at blocking out the TV’s.
I would only use them every two weeks and the sound does not have to be great.
Any thought"s on what would be a good choice ?

Do not get ear buds (like so). They are crap. You want the kind that actually makes a seal with your ear canal. That might be what you meant, but I hope that helps your search. They’re called in ear monitors/headphones. I usually get Skullcandy brand and they have a range from cheap to not.

Also with earbuds, people tend to turn the sound high to block background noise, thus potentially damaging their hearing.

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Of all the relatively cheap headphones, these (Koss “The Plug”) might be the best at blocking out background sound.