dvd lifetime

All apologies. I read the admonishment about repeat questions of this type. Certainly the answer must be either in the archives or elsewhere but the archives rendered zip and the answers on Google sounded more promotional than professional. (DVD sites) I’m also kinda stupid regarding the internet…

My small video collection of say, 15 years, is junk. It was well stored, I thought, but pretty much every tape I own now has grainy video and the sound quality blows. So I need to replace them.

Will DVD’s be tremendously better? If not, what is an alternative?

How long do DVD’s last??

DVD won’t degrade in the same way that videotape does because the pictures are stored digitally and there is error correction built into the format, however, this doesn’t mean that they are immortal, it just means that, rather than suffering a slow decline in picture quality, you’d be more likely find that the DVD suddenly devlops serious picture faults or suddenly stops working altogether.