DVD player recommendations..

Say I wanted to get a DVD player (home player not computer player). Would it be possible to get something acceptable for under $200. Keep in mind that I do not have a kick ass dolby surround system and that this would be going through TV and not a high tech conglomeration. Ultra-tech would be nice but not possible at this point.

Any recommendations for nice DVD player for under 2 clams? I’ve searched the net and come up with many such… but I have no idea how decent they are. Your experiences and/or opinons would be appreciated.

I use a Toshiba SD2109, which runs right around 200 clams these days, and have never had a problem with it.

As an in-between step between modern kick-butt audio setup (dolby digital, dts, whatever), you might consider just going the dolby pro-logic route. Cheap speakers and receivers are still a big step up from routing all sound through the television, I’ve found; you don’t get separate rear channels, but oh well.

I pride myself on keeping moderately up-to-date on technology and prices… you can buy a decent no-frills DVD player (that is, it only plays DVD disks… not DVD-R, CD-video, etc) for around $100. Look up your local Best Buy/CompUSA/Circuit City (or whatever electronics stores you have nearby) ads and see what they have. Be sure to keep your eyes open for possible rebates and sales (Best Buy is pretty good with this).

I too, am looking to buy a DVD player but also an economical home theatre system. A friend tells me that on the surround sound home theatre system my music cd’s will sound fuller and I will actually hear 4 channel sound, but after reading your response to the OP, I am thinking my friend must be mistaken. Can you elaborate?



PS: Sorry for the hijack, Whammo!

Whammo, be sure your tv has a/v inputs or inputs to match the player cause they don’t do RF…(very very few do, if any, such is, that I haven’t seen any that do)…if you run it through your vcr you then have Macrovision coming in, see?

Just seconding handy’s post here. If your TV doesn’t have A/V inputs(or ColorStream, or S-Video – these are on many of the newer and expensive TV’s), be prepared to spend an extra $30 for an RF modulator (Radio shack actually does have a good one. It’s even in stereo). My player (Toshiba 1600) has circuitry to cause problems if it’s connected directly to a VCR (unless it’s one of the TV/VCR combos. Go figure.) so watch out for that problem. However, a friend’s player (I think the brand is Samsung??) doesn’t have the same problem.

When I was shopping for DVD players 5 months ago, it looked like all the name brands available at Best Buy were right around the $200 mark. My logic is that if you don’t know the brand, and/or don’t trust it, don’t buy the machine. You want your DVD player to last for a few years, and you want to get a high quality player.

I think pricewatch has a home electronics section now - go look and see what they have listed.


Oh, the RF modulator takes A/V in, as well as a coaxial in (for VCR or just cable/antenna) and coaxial out.

I keep reading that DVD players that also have recording capability will be in stores this summer. Can anyone share information or recommendations regarding those? I’m trying to decide whether to get something relatively inexpensive now (like the OP) or to wait and get something that will cost more but also have the recording feature.