DVD Ripping Legality and Current Case Law?

*Just a note out of the gate: I don’t want to know how to do this, what software is best or any know about any other nefarious deed. *

In another thread about DVD ripping/backup, there was the mention about this being illegal. Last I had heard was that the DCMA and current US copyright law was in direct conflict about fair use vs. the selling of software that cracks encryption.

Looking at wiki for the DVD Decrypter software there is this nugget:

Now, going back to my civics class, it seems like this is a classic situation for the Supreme Court to be sorting out. I know they can’t make a ruling without a case being brought before them first. Finally, I know it takes YEARS for a case to work it’s way through the court system.

So, I wonder - is there any current cases on the radar that are working the courts to address this issue? Seems like there would be more than a few of these types of cases out there.

Anyone knowledgeable on the general situation regarding this?