DVD to Receiver Connection for Dolby 5.1

So, I’ve got an Aiwa receiver, “Dolby Digital Ready,” with RCA jacks in the rear for input from a source of 5.1 sound (Front x2, Rear x2, Center & subwoofer), as well as 2 Video settings, each with the customary 3 RCA plug ins and outs. I also have a DD DVD player with Optical, Coaxial, and L/R RCA outs. I already have the S-Video going straight to the screen. My question: what sort of doohicky do I need to take the DD Optical from the DVD player, and get it to the 5.1 jacks on my receiver, that I might enjoy the surround-sound experience? Or have I got myself some incompatible hardware?

If your reciever is DD 5.1 ready then you must have either an optical port or a orange RCA digital plug in the back. You SHOULD have an optical. If this is the case you can buy a 3 or 4 foot fibre cable with sqaure ends and plug from one to the other.

You probably don’t have the RCA style dig hooku pso I wouldnt worry about it.

I believe “Dolby Digital Ready” means it can accept analog signals from an external Dolby Digital decoder. Dolby Digital is transmitted with either an optical cable or a single digital RCA cable. The output of a decoder is 6 channels of analog signals, typically through 6 RCA plugs.

Your receiver may also have a built-in decoder, in which case you need to connect it to the DVD player with an optical or RCA digital cable, as Stinkpalm said. If it’s only “Dolby Digital Ready” and does not contain a decoder, you’ll have to find an external decoder. I’m not even sure what those look like - I think they’re rather expensive. Let’s hope you already have a built-in decoder.

I believe you’re up Shoal Creek without a paddle. You’'l have to shell out for a new amp. They aren’t that expensive these days.

Yep…looks like scr4 got it…no “optical in” on this receiver.
Time to price modern receivers…