DVDs you watched all the way to the end...

…even though it was clear in the first ten minutes that you weren’t going to like it.

I watched Then She Found Me last night. I like Helen Hunt, I like Bette Midler, I like Colin Firth, I don’t mind Matthew Broderick.

What an annoying movie – so many people doing stupid things. Not a single admirable character, not a single character I liked. (Even Colin Firth, whose character was the only one I didn’t want to smack around – hardly a ringing endorsement.)

Not sure why I kept watching, but I did.

Have you ever kept going on a movie you disliked in the first ten minutes and have it turn out to be worth watching?

I do this way too often. For some reason I just can’t bring myself to turn it off, even if I know it’s not going to get any better. Like I think I’m going to hurt the DVD’s feelings or something.

My most recent one was Blue Velvet. I got this as a recommendation from Netflix. I normally like trippy movies, and I liked Mullholand Drive by the same director (which is why Netflix recommended it). But Blue Velvet focused a bit too much on being weird, and not enough on story. I mean, Mullholand Drive was plenty weird, but it also made me interested in the characters and in what was going on. Blue Velvet did not.

I don’t do this anymore. I have so many movies to watch, that if I’m still pining for the FF button at the ~20 minute mark, I generally scan through the rest of the movie looking for points of interest.

I’m not sure this counts ( or should count) but I watched The Thirteenth Floor recently with my brother. The first few minutes seemed like a historical movie–which is fine, but baffling that Brother liked it (he owned the DVD in question). And then stuff happened which didn’t make sense and which I didn’t like.

I said that I was confused.

He assured me it would make more sense later, and gave me a few clues as to what was going on–who the characters were.

I stuck it out. It was ok, not great, but not a horrible use of my time, I guess.

Too many lately to count. I watch while I’m on the elliptical as something to keep me from becoming unmotivated. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough good movies to keep me entertained, so I watch whatever I come in, even if it sucks.

Just yesterday I finished *A Scanner Darkly. *I had hopes for it, I had heard good things. It was terrible - right from the beginning.

I watched the movie *Brick *without reading any reviews, and 10 minutes in I was almost ready to turn it off. It features high school students, but the dialog and characterizations are heavily stylized in the fashion of a hardboiled detective story, and I was not prepared for that. Eventually I caught on and ended up enjoying the movie, but I wish I had read a little about it ahead of time.

Can’t help you. It’s very rare I watch a DVD for a movie I haven’t already seen in the theater or somewhere else. I made it halfway through Rent before I realized it didn’t merit any more of my time.

Six String Samurai - I kept wanting it to get better. Or at least understandable.
Scarlet Diva - same deal.

Most recently, Tommy.
I kept thinking, “Oh, this stupid fucking movie…”, but stayed with it for awhile. When baked beans started flying all over what’s-her-name, I made it halfway to the stop button, but then Jack Nicholson showed up and I stuck around to see what he was going to do. I really hated the movie.

Can’t Hardly Wait. There was never a time I figured I would like it (I generally hate teen comedies), but I was curious to see those guys from Six Feet Under. Ugh! At least I was working on something while watching it.

My brother stuck it out through The Tower of the Firstborn–which appeared to be an 1980s-ish Indiana Jones type movie without any of whatever it was that made Indiana Jones irrisitable. (His wife and I did not).

Actually, I’m not sure that he didn’t like it, but he admitted that it’s faults included being long, slow moving, highly predictable, overly dramatic and badly acted.

Lost Boys 2. Ugh.

House of the Dead. Also Ugh. Not even “Hey I can make fun of it” bad.

Roadhouse 2. See above.

I swear, I’m a movie masochist.

I can’t remember actually stopping a DVD. Often I’ll nod off…