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Hi. At home, I use a Dvorak keyboard. I’ve tried setting up the computer I use at school to dvorak from the keyboard properties, but it says that the dvorak configuration isn’t installed. Is there any way to install it on my school’s computer? Or is there any program I can have that will run in the background and will make the keyboard type dvorak? Thanks in advance, I can’t stand using QWERTY at school ^^;;

Fellow Dvorak user.

You may need to speak to the network administrator, if such a person exists. Sometimes, such as at libraries, options like this are restricted to keep ne’er-do-wells from messing things up.

It may be that if a minimal installation of Windows was performed, this feature may not have been installed. The ol’ Windows Installation Disk (is it still “disk” now that they’re CDs?) may be the answer.

Can’t think of any other reasons for this to be the case. You may be SOL if neither of these solutions works, but I’d ask around at some of the Dvorak websites if all else fails.

I’ve talked to my teacher, and she says that it’d be too much work to set up my keyboard for me, so I’ve just been looking for ways to get around their securities ^^ I’ve managed to access the control panel, but it doesn’t have the drivers or whatever is needed to make the computer dvorak… Would it be possible to copy the files off my comp onto a disk and take them in? I’ve seen places to dl drivers for dvorak, but they were for Windows 95/Dos/Win NT 3.5, and we have NT 4.0 on those computers, so I doubt those’d work…

I would advise strongly NOT to do ANYTHING that messes with ‘securities’ on your school’s computers. I can think of no better way to have your priviledges yanked. An official at the school already knows that you want to do this, so if someone notices, it will come streaming back onto you so fast it will make your head spin. Just take ‘NO’ for an answer and get on with your life.

Well, everyone in my class has been downloading Super Nintendo emulators and ROMs, violating copyright laws and school policy… I doubt the teacher would be that upset about me doing something that will allow me to work at a better rate… She just doesn’t wish to be bothered with having to install the files or give me control panel access herself…

When in doubt, Google.

The author of this site appears knowledgable about the topic, and has tinkered with his setup on NT 4.0. From his instructions on converting to his version of Dvorak, it also looks like there’s no appreciable difference between 3.51 and 4.0 for this purpose. Perhaps he has some insight.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

The Straight Dope is not going to help you bypass the security features of your school’s computer network. And I don’t give a damn if everybody else is doing it. This thread is closed.

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