Dvorak's New World Symphony

It seems that some passages of Dvorak’s New World Symphony have been inspired from some American folk songs. If so, which ones ?

According to Classical Notes, Dvorak’s New World Symphony didn’t actually use any American folk melodies.

(I think that’s safe. It’s two paragraphs of a 16-paragraph article.)

I think you are mistaken. It was clearly based on a commercial for Hovis bread.

Thank you Jayjay. It’s interesting that this has been discussed before. I will take time to read the whole article.

And it has, in turn, inspired some new ones!

Before a performance of the 9th, I saw a music historian give a lecture about Dvorak and his particular interest in the Longfellow poem “The Song of Hiawatha” as inspiration for the piece. The lecturer even played some sections of the symphony while reciting extended stanzas of the poem and made a very convincing case, I thought, for how some of the passages fit well with the music. From wiki:

Dvorak spent one summer in the Czech settlement of Spillville in Winneshiek County, 15 or 20 miles north of here. The local traditional story is that he did some of the preliminary sketches during the Spillville Summer and that one passage in Aus der Neuen Weldt is based on bird songs he heard while strolling along the upper reaches of the Turkey River. A Bohemian Grosbeak, perhaps?

To nit pick, as this poster makes it clear, the proper name of this piece of music is not The New World, but From The New World. This is a subtle difference in meaning between these two titles.