Dying of Cancer Question

When people die of cancer what actually kills them? Do chemotherapy agents accelerate death in some instances?


That’s a first cut at an answer. Lots of ways.

Previous thread on this topic, with some good info: How does cancer kill you?
From that thread:

I’ve heard that one common mechanism is that tumors outgrow their blood supply, so that down in the center of the tumor (where the shortfall is worst) cells die. The mass of dead tissue there decomposes, which poisons the blood supply.

Other posters have covered the first part pretty thoroughly. To answer your second question, yes sometimes the side-effects of chemotherapy can result in death. Many types of chemotherapy weaken the immune system, and the gastrointestinal side effects can worsen malnutrition, making the patient more prone to infections which can kill. However, even in terminal patients chemotherapy can do good by extending life and giving the patient more time to live. It can also improve quality of life by reducing tumour burden, and hence reducing pain and other problems caused by the tumour(s) themselves.

The benefits vs the risks need to be weighed up individually for each patient and are often continuously re-asssessed, depending on things like side-effects and evidence of how well it’s working. It’s not uncommon for treatment to be temporarily suspended, for example if blood tests show that white cell count is too low, or stopped completely, for example if scans show the tumour(s) are not shrinking or have grown.

Not everyone is ready to read about what happens when someone is dying. . .

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