"Dynoflex" gyro exerciser

You know, its that ball thing that you spin up and then use your arm and wrist to keep going and supposedly build strength by fighting the gyro forces. Does it work. How long must you use it for at a time?

That’s the same thing as the Powerball, right? I’ve got one. Can be a bit tricky to get going but it’s definitely a workout. The thing is harder to contrl than you’d expect.

Bought it back when the doctors thought my forearm pain was due to tendonitis and weak forearm muscles. Turns out my problem is actually compartment syndrome (the muscles in my forearms swell abnormally within the fascia and the blood flow is cut off) and the Powerball just makes it worse.

The website I linked has lot of info. Basically use it as long as you can stand it. That won’t be very long at first. Also, check out eBay before you buy. that’s where I got mine and it was a pretty good deal.