E-mail spam question...

Okay, I have heard the following on different e-mail spams I have gotten:


THIS IS NOT SPAM! <font color=“000080”>[Note: 9 times out of 10 that means it is Spam and they don’t want to get blamed.]<font color=“000000”> You are on this list because you signed up, or someone signed you up for you.



We payed for your address and name and therefore obtained it legally…


I, like most people probably do, think this is all bullshit and I should sue or something. What gives? Is this stuff legal?

if you want you can report um to your server. i just delete um. if it wlks like a duck and talks like a duck grind it up put it in a can claim it’s pork

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I’m responding to this thread because you’re on a list. Please read, this is not spam. While surfing the net I found this website that I think you will be interested in :slight_smile: It is The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email: www.cauce.org

If it is a mass mailing of junk e-mail/advertisment and you did not request it, it is spam. And while it may or may not be illegal, it is often against the member agreements of many servers.

I usually delete it, but every once in a while, I will look up the contact info of the return address and any websites/e-mail addresses mentioned in the message and forward a copy of the spam message to them with a cut and paste of the portion of their member agreement that prohibits spam. (If I don’t find a contact address, I send to spam, abuse and postmaster @whatever for e-mail and webmaster @whatever for websites.)

I lost some guy his website and e-mail accounts at 2 servers for 1 message I got this week.

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Or you can paste the return address a few dozen times into that TO field with a comma betwixt them & send them back a few megs of files.
person@home.com, person@home.com, etc.

Then the person who sent you the crap gets a huge amount of files because each timeyou put their address in, they get a duplicate file. tsk.

Won’t work, handy. 99% of the time, that e-mail address is a phoney. The other 1% of the time, the address has been closed down by the ISP.

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If they are legit, they have tell you how to unsubscribe. If that fails, you can always block e-mail from them.

Don’t reply for God’s sake. It just confirms that the address is valid. Trying to get your name off the subscriber list just tells them that your e-mail is valid.

Now try getting your name off a junk-fax list. I had to shut my fax off all the time for all the junk mail I kept getting.

I have a real ISP so I get plenty of all kinds of spam but I use a filter for most of it.

My Juno email account gets no spam except for the spam from Juno comp people.

My Yahoo email account gets no spam except for spam from the Yahoo Comp people.

Yeah, replying to get unsubsribed is one of the dirtiest tricks spammers use. I can’t imagine what these people act like in real life.
There are ways of avoiding spam, though - whenever I post to message boards, if there is a space to write my e-mail address, sometimes I’ll leave it blank, and sometimes I’ll type “NOSPAM: buddyf (at) gte (dot) net,” because spammers are too lazy to actually grab addresses and they just get software to scan for them.

‘… spammers are too lazy to actually
grab addresses and they just get software to scan for them.’

You can use a fake email address when posting. It’s okay with my ISP, they said.
If someone really wants to reply to you they leave a message later saying so.

There are programs, Cherry Picker, for example, that pick email address from either the newsgroups or web. I almost always use a fake email but why i still get tons of spam is beyond me.

Let me add to that, if you register a product online or register for a web site online you have to give your real email so they can mail you a password. That’s probably where most of the spam comes from…

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