E R 1/12

No sooner did I realized that Dubenko played the pilot who crashed because of steel plates put on the bottom of his plane to protect a general in “Saving Private Ryan”, that the husband of the woman who had the infection came on screen.

Big deal, says you.

Big deal indeed. He played General Marshall in “Private Ryan”.

That’s all I got for now…

Just got home and realized I forgot to set the recorder for Earl, The Office, and ER. :frowning:

So what was Michael’s revelation that had Neela so upset?

Basically that he’s a great big jerk. Specifics in the spoiler box…

He wants to go back to Iraq.

Michael and Neela were spending the day looking for an apartment, but first Michael wanted to visit a friend of his in the VA hospital. The friend asked Michael to help him (the friend) return to Iraq, as the VA doctors didn’t feel he was fit. Afterwards Michael spent some time in warrior-bonding with other patients. Afterwards, at the apartment they were viewing, Michael told Neela that he felt duty-bound to return to the combat zone, which is where he felt his purpose was.

The jerk part, of course, is that he’s been feeling this way for weeks–i.e., since before the wedding–and just now told her.

He wants to go back to the front. He thinks he “owes” it to, well someone.

Time to pull the plug.

How much cuter were Abby and Luka this week, though? :smiley:

That’s odd, I have no recollection of him, which is odd for as a musical buff who particularly loves They Call the Wind Maria and a fan of Fargo I’m a fan of Harve Presnell. (His credits are odd in that he made lots of movies in the 60s, had 2 appearances in the mid-70s, then an explosion in the late 90s to the present.)

Does anybody think there’s something major about Barnett’s jailbait squeeze that wasn’t revealed tonight? I’m wondering if it was really her father who beat her.

I won’t be at all surprised if she turns out to be scamming him.

I don’t watch all that regularly, but weren’t Luka & Sam together like three weeks ago? What happened there?

I totally didn’t buy the Dad as the abuser, nor was it very convincing that Ray would only threaten him and not kick his ass when the opportunity presented itself. C’mon, Ray got a suprise beat-down from Daddio a few months back, and now gets to patch her back together and be told Dad did it but lets him off with a stern warning? She didn’t ring true but Ray did, borrowing money, arguing with the social worker, right up until the end.

Speaking of Ray, Carrie had accepted the resignation he didn’t really mean to give last week, and then he got booted from the band, is he fired? Shouldn’t there be a groveling scene to keep his job wherein he gives the big “I really am committed” speech?

Sam left Luka around Thanksgiving maybe, but it’s been more like 3 months in the story timeline. He had a few weeks of sloppy depressive drunk bachelor time, then Abby and him fell accidentally into bed together after a we’re just friends discussing something at work moment, then a few weeks of are we resuming or not, maybe we should just be friends after all, wistful glances and missed signals and tentative dating and now it’s guess what we’re pregnant.

I found it odd that they would let Ray treat her after his episode with her father, and the possibility that the father might show up at the hospital and see them together. Ray could have traded patients with another doctor, thus saving the hospital some potential trouble. This seemed to me a case of drama taking precedence over credibility.

I also got the sense that there was something majorly unrevealed about Cook County Lolita’s sister in San Francisco. She was being evasive- I’m guessing there is no sister and that she played Barnett like a Big Lots guitar.

Yabbut…Zoe went to Neela about the crotch rot when Ray and her were together, right? Figuring Neela was a pal, wouldn’t tell Ray and all that, Neela discovers the age thing, tells Ray and Neela and Ray together keep it quiet, rightly figuring that TPTB wouldn’t think kindly on Doc Rock banging an underaged groupie. So, the hospital doesn’t know anything about Zoe, just Neela, who was off shift at the time arguing with Gallant.

That bothered me too. There is absolutely no way that Carrie would have bought the “don’t you remember? you didn’t fire me…” story. She’s the type who could be too drunk to walk but talk somebody through performing a heart transplant.

He never actually quit, though. He said he’d “consider quitting”, but never actually quit. She accepted a resignation that was never actually tendered in the first place. If she insisted on him not working at that point, she’d be setting the hospital up for a wrongful termination lawsuit or something, I’d imagine. Even though Ray’s probably not smart enough to think that he would have had that option, I don’t think Kerry’s the type to take that risk.

I think he’s experiencing survivor’s guilt/PTSS, and needs in patient psych treatment.

Shouldn’t they have called in a plastic surgeon to stitch up Zoe’s face? And what’s with Abby not planning to live with Luka after the baby comes? (“we’ll need two cribs…one for your place, one for mine.”) I don’t figure that Luka will settle for that.

She said to two car seats, one for his car, one for hers. She’s living with him now, isn’t she? Why would that change?

Nah, I think she’s just staying over nights with him, there was a flashback last week where they were both at her apartment too.

AFAIK, they haven’t gotten to the big moving in discussion yet.

They did discuss that both apartments are too small to require a baby monitor…

And Luka did mention teasingly that they would need two of everything.

Yeah, they were talking about car seats for each of their cars, not cribs for each of their apartments. And the thing earlier about whose apartment the massive amount of stuff would fit into, I think she was implying that they needed a bigger place, period.