E3 -- Anyone else going?

I’ll mostly be wandering around the show floor to research new titles, which should be a nice change from last year when I spent almost the entire show trapped in the Sony booth doing demos.

I’ve been almost every year since '96. I think the only one I missed was two years ago when they experimented with not having it at the convention center. I even made it to the two in Atlanta … .

It’s not quite as noisy as it used to be, and there’s less swag, and fewer booth babes, but the year doesn’t seem complete without three days wandering around the L.A. Convention Center.

Is anyone else planning on being there?

I’ll be there, along with my crew of 6 covering stuff for our site. This is 7th E3, I do believe. Looking forward to it.

I wont be (oh how I miss it), but I made this site for tracking all the news out of E3 from a ton of sources (including Red Barchetta’s)and getting the top stories: