Ear wax question

Does the consistency of ear wax have anything to do with the immune system? Soft ear wax lower immunity, hard lumpy ear wax higher immunity? Do Chinese have very solid ear wax as compared to others?

I’m not aware of ear wax consistency having anything to do with the immune system, but I know there has been a weak correlation in the past with wet ear wax and some esoteric disease I learned in medical school but which I’ve never seen and which I cannot now recall. I doubt that helps you.

Anecdotally though, having looked in THOUSANDS of ears, I can state that I do see more dry, flaky ear wax in people of asian ancestry than in caucasian or african-descended ethnic groups. I’m always having to do more digging in the ears of oriental kids to see their ear drums than any other ethnic group.

Qadgop, MD

Wow!! Publish, Qadgop, publish! The Nobel Prize is sure to be yours!!!

There’s no Nobel prize for ear wax either, I’ve checked.

I’ve never heard of this notion, but I did a medline search. Here’s what I found (BTW-ear wax=cerumen):

Unrelated to the OP but it’s amusing to consider the CHALLENGE of ear wax removal!

I don’t read Russian, but the summary was in english. This group touts the anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects of ear wax (coming to a health food store near you?:))

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Again unrelated to the OP, but I love this! Yuck, yuck, yuckity, yuck! They suspect a problem with contamination, but do they clean their auriscopes (thingies to look inside the ear)? Of course not. Could it be because they are British:)?

My search turned up zero to relate immune status and ear wax consistency. IMO as an immunologist, there’s unlikely to be one. The immune system has enough to occupy itself without having to worry about softening up the ear wax to let you know it’s time for your echinacea:).

You might want to smoke less of that stuff, man.

And while we’re on the topic of odd things and ear wax, try this link about Ear Candling