Ear wiggling

Ok, this is kinda dumb, but I have to ask…

I know most people can wiggle there ears, but I can wiggle each ear separatly. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can do this. I know many people who can raise one eyebrow, but no one with my special gift. Am I a freak or are there other dopers out there with this special gift from God?


I can wiggle both ears. Like you said, no biggie.

My dad could do what you describe, and so could a friend of mine that went to school with me. It was quite amusing to watch.

Never did master that little trick, though. Guess I wasn’t patient enough.

Its weird, cause I never practiced or anything. Its just something I’ve always been able to do. I guess it means I’m one of the chosen few who should be bowed before and worshipped :wink:


I can wiggle both my ears separately. I trained myself to do it when I was a kid. I can pinpoint the moment I decided to do it; I was at Target…

I can also touch my tongue to my nose. I’m facially talented, I guess. :smiley:

I can wiggle my right ear independently of my left, but not the other way around. Same with my nostrils.


I can wiggle my ears separately or together (my right better than my left, though). I can wiggle my nose two different ways. I can turn my tongue over both to the right and to the left. I can undulate my eyebrows. And I can leap tall buildings with the aid of a helicopter, a bungie cord, and twenty feet of foam rubber landing pad. Pretty cool, huh?

I can.

Never got me any chicks, though, so what’s the use?

They can? Dang, I don’t even feel my ears unless I touch them or they hurt or something.

tries to wiggle them

nope, nothing.
How do you know that most people can wiggle them? I’ve never actually met anyone who can. I just need to know if I’m the freak or if the rest of you are.