Earl Warren.....pro or con??

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Do you mean from the Warren Commission?

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  • Earl Warren.

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I don’t entirely know what you’re asking. He was behind the internment of Japanese-Americans in WWII, so I guess that’s a con. And his being on the ticket didn’t make Dewey defeat Truman in '48. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, as Chief Justice, he handed down a lot of decisions that expanded civil rights for blacks, and protections of freedom of speech and those accused of crimes, so that’s good. Of course, some people say that, in doing that, he drastically increased the powers of the courts beyond what they should be, so they consider that bad.

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Shouldn’t that be “Swiss”?

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Strange, but a lot of the “great men” of history had this “fair to one minority but treated another like crap” thing:

Wodrow Wilson was willing to go to the mat for all the oppressed peoples of the old empires, but wasn’t as enlightened towards Blacks & Mexicans. Henry Ford gave Blacks the same jobs as whites, but was totally anti-Semitic. Then there’s that qutoe from Lincoln, who said the Constitution should have read “all men are created equal except Negroes,” and if the No-nothings had their way to exclude Catholics and immigrants as well, he’d move to Russia where tyranny was pure “without hypocrisy as a base alloy.”

I also don’t know what exactly is being asked about Earl Warren here, so I thought I’d speak up for Lincoln.

Not quite. For one thing, that’s the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. And Lincoln did not say that it should have read “except Negroes.” Here, check out a lengthier quote: