Earliest Song To Mention The Internet?

Listening to the song The Adventures of Larry and Tina, which mentions the Internet, I began to wonder what is the first song to make such a reference.

The above song came out in 2008. Surely there are earlier song, but I can’t think of any.

Weird Al - It’s All About The Pentiums
“You’re the biggest joke on the internet”.
Released 1999.

Anyone got an earlier reference?

Strong first response, and quick too. Wonder if it can be beaten.

Rilo Kiley’s “Papillon” (released in 1999) includes:

The computer’s still on
And the webpage is alt-dot-com

BTW, alt. com is NSFW – it’s an “alternative lifestyle” BDSM site, put into the lyrics as sort of a joke so people would look it up out of curiosity. So not only is it an early song mentioning the internet, it also trolls you :smiley:

Avenue Q was written in 2002, which would mean that “The Internet is for Porn” predates the OP’s example (though not Eliahna’s Weird Al).

I was going to say Todd Rundgren’s “I hate my frickin’ ISP” and Aaron Carter’s “My Internet Girl” but those are 2000.

How about Britney Spears, off her first album in January 1999 - “E-mail my heart”

Seems like 1999 is the current record.

Prince had a song “emale” from his album Emancipation in 1996:

…And he doesn’t even own that domain? Sloppy, sloppy.

I feel I remember some early reference to the internet in a They Might Be Giants song. But I can’t find the specific song.

Rush, “Virtuality”

Net boy, net girl
Send your impulse round the world
Put your message in a modem
And throw it in the cyber sea

It was on the Test for Echo album released in September '96, two months before Emancipation came out.

I don’t know if we get to count this one, but “Computer Love”, by Kraftwerk, is from 1981 and definitely seems to be about online dating.

Flip Your Wig the 1985 album by the American punk band, Hüsker Dü contained Divide and Conquer.

This Mazda ad from 1998 has a re-purposing of “88 Lines About 44 Women” with a line saying “Charlie works in Cyberspace. Backslash Dot Com All day Long.”

Poe’s 1995 song “Hello” contains a bunch of cyber-buzz words like writing a song after watching Hackers or an episode of CSI.

I nominate The Relay by the Who:

It was part of Townshend’s Lifehouse concept album wherein the populace spends most of its time in “experience suits” in lieu of interacting with reality.

I find it surprising that mid 90’s is the earliest for reference.

Let’s face it that’s when the world wide web brought it to the modern popularity. However, email, ftp, and usenet groups have been on their for at least 10 years before this. No songs mention this?

Interesting if there’s any mention of bulletin boards, how I first came across a net like entity, of course some of these, such as compuserve, also tied into usenet and the internet…

Which is absurd, because backslashes almost never show up in Internet addresses, and slashes (which do show up) would never directly precede the dot com.

This morning I happened to be listening to Surfonic Water Revival, an album of Christian Surf music from 1998. One of the songs, “The Net,” seems to be about surfing the internet, if I’m interpreting it correctly (and I’m not absolutely sure that I am). (If you want to judge for yourself, lyrics are here and the song can be heard here on YouTube.)

“Interior Lulu” by Marillion specifically mentions the Internet:

We rejoice at being “connected”
Without touching
Thank god for the internet
We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes

The song was released on their 1999 album marillion.com, however it was originally written, recorded, and then left off of their 1998 album Radiation.