Early Baldness?

Hi, I’m only 15 but my hair is already somewhat thin in the front; noticeably enough thin that people have commented quite a number of times. I was hoping there was ‘foul play’ afoot, but we went to the dermatologist, and she concluded that it was natural going-baldness. I was a bit shocked, I suppose. I’m still not totally sure if I believe, as I do have a number of small scab-like red things on my scalp from time to time. Is it really possible to be going bald at such a young age? It has a strong effect on my self-confidence and is something that is on my mind a lot. If so, is it likely that a ‘cure’ for baldness is forthcoming in the near future? Thanks.

I am not a doctor, but I started going bald at 19. I shave my head to deal with it (like a condemned man committing suicide), but there are other options. Rogaine, for example.
And I wouldn’t say that Andre Agassi, Ben Kingsley, Yul Brynner, and Cal Ripken, jr. lack confidence. Neither should you.

Sadly, it is possible and is likely standard Male-Pattern-Baldness. Especially if your dermatologist said it wasn’t anything else.

But you’re also good to get a second opinion. The good news is, (if you can call it that), that since you caught it early there are treatments available to slow progression dramatically and in some cases reverse it.

You have options of topical treatment or internal. There are tons of “topicals” out there, that you should be wary of. Since a lot are considered snake-oil and they’re very expensive. The only effective treatments presently are those that target the amount of DHT in your body.

Rogaine and Propecia are the only truly effective treatments of MPB and the results they provide vary widely with a range of side-effects.

Since you’re only 15, and Propecia and its bigger brother, Dutasteride seriously screw with your hormones its probably not advised.

You should check out the numerous “hair sites” on the internet, and read the various forums for “real” testimonials instead of the fake ones you see on commercial sites.

Something I can personally recommend, is that you start using Nizoral 2% shampoo every other day as its shown some success in halting progression.

My great-grandfather was almost completely bald at 20. I have his wedding photo, taken at that age, and he has just a little fringe around the sides. I knew someone in college who was similarly smooth at the same age.

My grandfather was bald at 20 too.

However, when I went through puberty my hairline thinned into being the same as my dad’s. Thought I was going bald for a while but my hairline receded about 1cm at each temple and then stopped. So you might be experiencing something similiar. Just a thought anyway.

Like the Earl said, being bald isn’t a handicap these days. Shave the rest off (no combover!) and you could be the next Jason Statham. Or maybe Bruce Willis!

Course, if you’re black, even better :).

If it does go that far, Propecia is vastly better than Rogaine. There is also a much cheaper form called Proscar. Good luck!

My dad was bald by the time he graduated from college, and although I am older,now than he was when he went bald, I am headed in the same direction. I’m not too far away from the buzz cut myself.

At 15 I know it can be very tough to have thinning hair, but as others have said nowadays there is much you can do to slow, stop, and perhaps even reverse it.

And hey, you can always console yourself as I do with the fact that in loose terms baldness is caused by excess testosterone, so that bald men really can be said to be more virile than men with hair.

Good luck!

P.S. I went to HS with a girl who had a skin condition that made her nearly completely bald. No one really cared after about 2 mins, and she was generally considered one of the hottest girls in the school.

Don’t let it get you down or let it define you. Although HS kids can be cruel, the vast majority won’t really notice unless you let it affect how you act and approach life.

Another prematurely balding (isn’t it always premature?) guy here. Started when I was about 20. I lived with a hat on until about a year ago, when I just jumped in with the contemps and shaved it all off. I love it now. No mess in the morning, cool in the summer (but cooooold in the winter) don’t have to spend much money on shampoo, it makes me look bigger, tougher and older. What a horrible fate. :wink:

I agree with racekarl.

if you don’t act like it bothers you, others won’t be inclined to notice it as much.

when i was 17, a good friend of mine (also 17) was balding. he tried lots of comb overs and growing what hair he did have long, trying to hide it. unfortuanelty all these techniques just added more attention to his melon. if he woulda shaved his head instead of spending time trying to hide it with funny styles… no one probably woulda noticed he was balding.

bald IS sexy when you wear it well.

best wishes

My husband of 14 years was almost bald in high school. He has a little fringe that he keeps very short now, but I understand he messed around with combovers etc before I met him. I’m glad he quit, bald is incredibly sexy. I had my way with him on our first date.

It’s actually a disorder of the immune system called Alopecia Areata. My son has it - strange to see a bald 5-year old but I’ve never known him any other way. You can read more about it here if you wish.


Buzz cut your remaining hair—lots of teenaged boys do in this city and it’s a fashion statement. I had a friend who balded at mid-20s and invested in 3 very high-quality wigs. I knew him for years before I caught on. In his late 30s I talked him into buzzing his hair and he looked much more attractive----more modern and clean. But I like men with very short hair…

Another vote for the razor. I noticed my hairline receding at 20, other people noticed it at 24. I finally shaved it at 30 and wish I’d done it sooner. A lot of women love it and it gives them an excuse to touch me. I don’t mind :wink: Just ask: Yul Brynnar, Billy Zane and Patrick Stewart are all very sexy.

Andre Agassi
Ben Kingsley
Billy Zane
Bruce Willis
Cal Ripken Jr.
Patrick Stewart
Vin Diesel
Yul Brynner

Chipping in favor of razor/buzz. I wear one myself!