Early Beatles Tax Rate

What tax rate were the members of the Beatles forced to pay around the time their “Tax Man” song came out?

About how much were they making at the time?

The song says 1 for you, 19 for me, and Harrison says in the Anthology video that’s how much the government got, 19 shillings on the pound.

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Which is 19/20, or 95%, if you’re not familiar with the old UK money.

We await the arrival of someone who can give a detailed breakdown of Beatles income for 1966.

In the meantime, this beatlemoney site offers some details concerning the touring revenue earned during the period 1964-1967. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the information but at least it will give a flavour of the kind of money which came their way.

There’s also a section on recordings for the same period but the data given is largely restricted to sales figures rather than monetary values.