Early Edition

Anyone else watch this TV series? My daughter got me started. I feel like I should stnad up at a metting and say “Hello, my name is CP and I watch Early Edition”.

I used to. Only reason I don’t now is because I don’t currently have an antenna on my TV.

Just how did you lose your antenna?

I saw the previews and figured it was going to be too predictable. Is it any good? I could use something right now.

It has it’s moments, and the guy is not always succesfull. And then, there is the cat. :slight_smile:

Actually, I didn’t lose my antenna. The TV currently in my living room belongs to my roommate and I have no idea what happened to her antenna.

I used to watch this show as well, but lost interest over time. Nothing against the show, I always lose interest in TV shows after a while.

A more interesting topic might be “What would you do if you got tomorrow’s newspaper today?” (IMHO). I would use the newspaper to find out what crimes I could get away with without being reported. . . no I wouldn’t. I would probably spend my life helping those in need, just like he does, while financing my new college-student turned jobless situation with the millions of dollars I make from being so lucky at the Lotto drawings.

Being of dimuative stature and too old to run like that to boot, I would make millions at lotto and hire minions to do the rescues.
And buy an airline. One that never has crashes. “Joe…change the aircraft on flight 999 and check the ruder…just do it!”