Early Olympic Tally

China 27
Tawain 2
Canada 1 (dammit)

Nine others who remain unidentified.

Hopefully the host country will remain unrepresented in this list considering our outspoken stance on the subject.

Oh? What is it? Drug cheats caught so far…

2 for us (CANADA) but the second was for cocaine, he was equestrian and had previously been banned for 4 years on the same offence

Of course the Canadian one is being challenged. The woman doth proclaim innocence! (and to read the article I read in the Vancouver Province, she sounds legit)

More additions:

Czechoslovakia 2
Egypt 2

and those are only the one’s who have been Caught, think of how many there are who haven’t been…yet… this is really saddening

VERY sad. Especially during an event that is supposed to embody the competitive but fair ideal.

2 for Canada?!? Dammit! Hopefully the one will be proven innocent, though.
I don’t necessarily watch all of the events, but I still cheer my country on. Too bad this had to happen.

And two Romanians (and thanks to them the entire Romanian weightlifting team has been suspended under the controversial rules governing that sport)

Norway 1. Yeesh. A weight-lifter.

“It was only a nutritional suppliment! I had no idea!” Uh huh. When the nutritional suppliment doesn’t have an ingredients list, sir, it is your job to be skeptical. :rolleyes:

It seems they may be allowed back in . The rule say that if they pay a $50,000 fine they can stay in ( the team , not the ones found with banned substances in their system ).


Iran 1

Khazistan 1

And yes the Romanians were allowed back in (the drug free ones) which I’m kind of happy about. After all it wasn’t their fault.

But on the other hand, the rule - harsh though it was - would have helped deter drug use through peer pressure. Can’t win either way can we?