Early voting turnout around the country

How’s it going in your state?

Early voting in Texas begins with lines, strong turnout

The Early Voting Explosion
Some states are already reporting presidential-level turnout for this midterm election.

Early voting sets presidential pace (North Carolina)

I’ll be able to tell with an in-person view how things are going in this county, but not until the first of the month. That’s when my temp job at the Elections Office starts. But it looks like the Blue Wave has begun.

I have the feeling we’re not seeing the whole picture yet. I think it’s obvious that many people, both those who support Trump and those who oppose him, are more fired up than usual for this mid-term election. And this extra enthusiasm is motivating people to not only vote but to vote early.

But once this initial wave of enthusiastic voters passes through, we may fall back to the usual levels.

I think walk-in voting started in Hawaii today. But I received my absentee ballot in the mail last week and mailed it back on Thursday night.

Tennessee early voting turnout massive as midterm interest approaches presidential level

Early voting started in my area last week, and most sites are at the public libraries. I’m a library volunteer and was there on the first day; at one point, we had a line, and people have been carting books out of the self-service bookstore by the armload as a result. :cool:

I personally voted absentee.

My local news has reported good turnout so far, at all locations.

Millions Have Voted Early in the Midterms. Here’s What That Means — and What It Doesn’t.