Earth-Lunar-Solar orientation ignorance

Recently I’ve become interested in gaining some insight into celestial navigation. Unfortunately, the realization of my lack in understanding of basic principals related to terrestrial/moon/sun orientation has become evident. It seems that a good grounding in such knowledge would be, to say the least, handy.

My problem: All the orbital hand waving by the instructors of my past, combined with the requisite associated circles generated on an overhead projector or chalkboard, failed to impress upon me very much useful information. 45 years later, online searches have resulted in only marginally better results. Today, all I found are far perspective, fast motion, ANIMATED!:eek: circles (WOW!:smack:), with little or no detail… Poorly produced for a brand new level of non-information.

My question: Anyone out there have advice as to where I may find a good online app for such? In an ideal world, preferably one that will demonstrate Earth’s axial tilt throughout the year, enabling the user to select (at least, terrestrial) locations with the ability to flip-flop to a stellar perspective… throughout various periods of rotation, and the ability pan and zoom in near to far perspectives.

I’m not asking for much, just a sophisticated 3-D “engine” that encompasses every possible relationship between the Earth, Moon, and Sun… For an entire year… From every perspective.

Obviously, I’ll settle for less. Thank you for any help you may offer.

Stellarium might do it.

This may or may not be exactly what I’m looking for, but I’ve downloaded it, and am investigating… It’s beyond anything I’ve been exposed to before.
Thank you .

Stellarium is excellent for looking up at the sky, and there are buttons to turn off daylight and the ground. Be careful of the fast fast forward button – you’ll be zipping over days and nights before you find the stop button. There are add-ons for satellites including the ISS.

One for calculating on a map the sun arc, with dawn and dusk times, is, and another I found just now, (By different people but similar functions.)