Earthquake in Turkey 10-23-11

Someone has already uploaded a video to You Tube

We’re getting reports of over 1,000 dead. That’s mind-boggling.

I read on USA Today that it was only 12 miles deep, which shallow. More destructive when it’s shallow, I read. Terrible. :frowning:

Building construction in most of southeastern Turkey (where I was in the late 80’s) was scary. They mixed concrete one wheelbarrow full at a time-for a multi-story building. Where construction sites use two by 4’s fastened together to support the concrete floors, they were using tree limbs. I’m not surprised that a lot of buildings fell down. In some of the smaller towns, the single family homes looked like mud huts. In one public bathroom, I straddled a concrete trough that had a local stream running through it! At that time, the further east you went in Turkey, the more primitive life became. Northwestern Turkey was more like Europe.