Easiest sport to be World Champion in

If I wanted to become World Champion in any sport, which would be the easiest in terms of least amount of time/energy involved. Lack of talent would also be useful. Sport can cover anything from the the Tour de France to tidddlywinks.

I think that tick-tack-toe would fit the bill nicely. With a few minutes of coaching, I can guarantee that you will never lose although you will probably draw. That doesn’t matter. You can get a trophy made up that say: “Tapioca Dextrin, tick-tack-toe Champion of the World. Over 1000 matches, no losses.”

On second thought, tick-tack-toe may not qualify as a sport even by your liberal definition. What if the tick-tac-toe board is giant and marked off as a grid in a field? The X’s and O’s could be 50 pound rocks that each contestant must hurl into position on the board.

Two words, Tapioca…Japan sumo. If you’re really motivated to be the best, and you have strong legs and good balance, you couldn’t not rise to the top if you tried.

Lessee, who’s the competition? Kaio’s hurting, Musoyama’s getting old, and Tochiazuma’s passed his peak. All three can go into the tank in a blink. Asashoryu, the current dai-Yokozuna, has been volatile as hell and always looks to be one testosterone surge away from getting drummed out of the sport. Everyone else is streaky at best. The best athletes in the country simply aren’t interested in a sport with tough discipline, tremendous injury risk, and not all that great compensation. Believe me, anyone with the right body and attitude would rule.

Or how about bowling? 1. Roll reliable strike ball. 2. If you don’t strike, make the spare. 3. Repeat a bunch of times. You can roll a completely safe ball and get a strike. (That “high risk high rewards” garbage is just macho flash.) A child could do it.

It only takes a slight skill of logic to draw at that game every single time. It’s the most useless game ever.

Good idea. If you want even less competition try Candlepin bowling. Far, far fewer people play it but it is a real sport centered mostly around Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and (apparently) New Brunsick Canada.

If we limit it to actual Olympic sports, I’d say the best bet is to be the coxswain in a rowing competition. It requires no strength or speed, just the ability to boss others around. :wink:

Apparently, now Poker is a Sport.

Or not, if you believe ESPN Page 2.

The problem with the OP is the issue of natural talent being a large factor for so many people. E.g., it takes practically nothing to be a world class rifleman if you have the natural talent. If not, give it up. There’s too much competition. But, sortof in the same area, there’s not that many people doing Olympic archery in the US so with even modest talent and a lot of effort you can make the team.

My favorite example of easy path thanks to natural talent: runner Mary Decker. She went along with a friend to one of those 5k-type events. On a lark she entered and won. Presto she’s an Olympian in no time.

A lot of people out there have a natural talent in something, but just don’t know it.

If you have no natural physical talent of note but have money and time, try the yachting sports.

That link mentions the World Series winner, So don’t read if you don’t want to know.

That sounds way too hard. I suggest we walk around on the grid with been in a camelpack and urinate on the squares we want.

Then there woulf be a heavyweight devision that takes dumps.

I would suggest inventing a new sport, adding words like “extreme” or “aggressive” to the title to make it sound hip and young, and sneaking it into the X-Games. You’d be the world champion because no one else would have had any time to get good at it (because, of course, they didn’t know it existed).

It doesn’t make sense to say that you can easily become world champion in an easy sport. The mechanics of golf are easy for every player on the PGA tour. Just the same, to be the best you have to beat everyone else and that is never easy in any game.

Hmmm… good idea. How about…

“Extreme Envelope Licking”.
“Aggressive Hot Dog eating”.
“Extreme dog showing”

If ever there was a sport for “Who can go broke the quickest in a stripclub.” I’d be the champ hand down. OR at leat back in the day I would have been.

This could just be my ignorance, but I always thought that the sport of curling looked like something one could master in an afternoon. I have fantasies of winning the Gold in it at the winter Olympics the entire time, smoking and drinking a beer.

If you found some sport that has been defunct for the last century, that would probably be your best bet. I don’t know of any, but I’m sure there’s something out there. You wouldn’t need to be an expert historian either, you could probably just read a little bit and find something. Then you could form some kind of federation and proclaim yourself all-time champ. Going for established sports will take too much work either way. The idea here is to set your sights low.

Bobsled- those guys in the middle seats just need to push and jump in.

Diving- Requires no endurance and the ability to twist your own body in flight.

Archery- Aim. Shoot. Repeat.

Equestrian- Let the horse do all the work.

I grew up in Maine. When I first left the state people would say, “you wanna go bowling?”

And I’d go, “Candlepin or Big Ball?”


“Candlepin or Big Ball?”

“Are you speaking English?”

I was in a Candlepin league when I was a kid. I’d actually never done Big Ball until I went away to college. It’s probably a weird remnant of a Maine upbringing that I even still call it Big Ball.

In Maryland, they have “duckpin” bowling.

Diving?? Easy? Do you think they’re all born with those muscles?

Archery though… with the amount of weights, counter-weights, sights, etc, etc, I can’t see how it’s any harder than a crossbow tournament these days.