Easiest way to compare cars?

But not for the standard stuff. I’m tall, a little porky, and can’t ever seem to find a car that’s both comfortable and reasonably priced. Does anyone know of an online resource that allows you to compare stuff like headroom, leg room, etc. for new cars?

Try Edmunds.

Most manufacturers have headroom, legroom, shoulder room, hiproom and a bunch of other stuff listed on their websites. I have a similar problem, in that I’m quite tall (6’7"), though I won’t need to be looking for a new car, for a while at least. I’ve heard that the New Beetle is excellent for tall/heavy people (something about the arc of the door maxes ingress/egress easier), but at personally, I am not a fan of the look or lack of power, but to each his own. Trucks are pretty good on the legroom front, I’ve found. My 6’5" friend has a regular cab S10, and he and I can both ride long distances comfortably in it.

try www.carpoint.com

Two Words: Mercury Marauder.

I bought a Suzuki Aerio. The upright seating position makes for loads of interior space. About $15K.