Easiest way to share large files between two hard drives?

HEY. I got a nearly full 60 GB computer and my father’s nearly empty 80 GB computer. I have a Gateway XP, my father’s (practically empty Dell) has Office 2000. Anyhoo, I wondered if there was a quick and easy way to like, buy a cord that I could attach to his computer from mine and drag a couple dozen GBs of files over to his hard drive. What exactly do I need to get, from where? Thankewvermuch.

Take a look at the backs of the computers. If there’s what looks like an oversized telephone socket on each, you’ve got the necessary hardware. You just need a ‘crossover cable’ to connect the two, to create the simplest of networks.

What operating systems are on the computers? If both are running XP, then try plugging the cable between the two (with both logged on), and follow the wizards that should appear. If you’re on earlier systems, it might be more complicated. But bascially, you’ll be able to set up for each computer to see and access the other’s documents.

So crossover cable? That’s it? Can I get one from Best Buy? I already said I have XP and my father has Office 2000.

Do you mean he’s got Office 2000, or Windows 2000? If the former, then what version of Windows? If he’s on 98 or ME, then networking is a bit more of a pain, but still OK.

In any case, a crossover is what you want. Yes, you can get one at any computer place.

You need Windows XP, not Office XP. If you both have it, you should be good to go. Crossover cables should be available at Best Buy, but make sure you specifically ask for them. They look the same as regular Ethernet cables but they are functionally different. The cable creates a small network between the two computers, then Windows’ built-in file sharing mechanisms should take over and let you transfer files between them.

Buy one anyway but you may not even need a crossover cable as many newer 10 base T NICs will self switch to do that.

How does one transfer large files between two hard drives on a WIRELESS network? IOW, if you download some Windows updates, how do you transfer the new downloads to your other PC?

If the crossover doesn’t work or isn’t possible then this thread may be helpful.

How do you master/slave two hard drives together?

If a person is on a wireless network, the computers need to have file sharing enabled. When file sharing is enabled, one can move files from one computer to another. As far as Windows updates, you may be stuck doing them individually due to how the updates are delivered.

SP2 downloadable: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=049c9dbe-3b8e-4f30-8245-9e368d3cdb5a&DisplayLang=en

Another solution for sharing large files between computers is an external USB hard drive - two basic types are available - The smaller ones contain a laptop hard drive and just plug straight into (and are powered by) the USB port; the larger (and often larger-capacity) ones need external power and contain an ordinary 3.5" desktop hard drive). They are pretty good, robust storage devices, in general.

Find a book or online tutorial on SOHO networking. Once you understand the basics, you can choose the method of connecting two or more computers that fits your requirements and budget. The details of implementing a SOHO network is far beyond the scope of the SDMB.

If this is a one-time thing, I would just move the source drive to the target computer, copy the files there, and then move the drive back.

You should be able to find a lot of good instructions on the web for doing this.

Nice. I wasn’t aware of that, thanks.

What must I do to get ME to “talk” with XP via crossover cable?

Another option I have used, especially between different op systems, is a USB link cable. They go by various names, but allow you to transfer files between any two PCs with USB ports. They typically cost about $25-$30, but may be cheaper now. I haven’t used mine since I got my USB flash drive. This method is not as fast as a crossover cable, but can be much simpler to set up since it doesn’t require any knowledge of networking or file sharing.

Ya know, that pisses me off.
Quite some while back I was at Circuit City and one of the assistant managers helped me out. When I asked him about USB transfer cables, he told me that USB wasn’t designed for this kind of thing and that I needed crossover cables that go into my nic ports. I should have known better, gees. But since I’m here, I still need to know How to make Win Me & Win XP “talk” via crossover cable and also:

“Are USB file transfer cables made in a way that is different to the standard cable?” I’m aware the transfer cables have Male A connectors on each end, but can a standard USB cable with a Male B to A adapter on one end be used to transfer files with?

Assuming no single file is really that huge, you could also go low-tech and just burn to CD or CD-RW and copy from one to the other. Or use one of those little USB memory stick thingies.

You can try the Network Setup Wizard (in XP, Start -> Accessories -> Communications -> Network Setup Wizard).

About the USB cables, the file transfer cables have built-in microchips that supposedly do something that normal cables can’t… but I’m not sure about the details.

I was never able to get a crossover to function between Win98 (similar to WinME) and Win2K, but have not tried with Win XP.

As for the USB transfer cables, they are A to A with an active component in the middle. BAFO makes apretty good one if you can find it (BF100C I think). Their software works better than others I have used, but is USB 1.1 only. If both PCs have USB 2.0, then a 2.0 transfer cable is about 10 times faster. It also works fine between Win 98 and Win2K, so should have no problem with ME>XP.