Easily create room escape games for free?

Lately, I’ve been playing some neat point-and-click “room escape” type games, and I think they’re a fun waste of time.
I was wondering; for someone who doesn’t want to spend $$$ to buy Flash CS4, and who doesn’t have much of any programming knowledge at all, is there a way to create games like these that will play online? I wouldn’t be making anything complicated to start…

I don’t have anything constructive to add, but I’m surprised something like this doesn’t already exist. It seems like an easy thing to put in a Photoshopped picture, trigger boxes, and Photoshopped results. Hell, Powerpoint can almost do that. I’d be interested to see if such a thing exists.

GameMaker can make room escape games quickly. You can quickly set up scripts to add stuff to an inventory and to move around.

There is a software specially for this genre of game: WinterMute, which comes with a sophisticated set of tools to define clickable area and is more GUI-oriented than Game Maker, which requires you to learn some basic drag-and-drop programming. It does however look really daunting to learn and use.

And there is Adventure Maker, which I think is fits the OP’s requirements best, though it may be lacking in features. It is simpler than the above two approach though.

I think we have ourselves a winner!!

I just quickly looked at the site, and watched the guided tour video, and it looks to do exactly what I was looking for!

Now, to download it, and start drawing some game frames…

Thanks very much, CrazyChop! :slight_smile: