East of Eden

I’m only half way through this outstanding novel so please don’t reveal anything from the second half to me. I have a question for those of you who have read it.

There seems to be a clear dividing line between the characters in the book; there are those who can read other people, and those who are naïve by comparison. Cathy, for example, seems to divine others thoughts and motives readily, as do Lee, Samuel and Liza Hamilton, and Charlie and Cal Trask. Conversely, Adam and Aron trask, Faye, Cathy’s parents, and the many other people she manipulates seem generally amiable and assume others have similarly benign or neutral intentions.

I probably fall into the later group. Frankly, it concerns me to think of what my more attuned brethren have up their sleeves. Not terribly, mind you, but still after reading this book I wonder if I give the benefit of the doubt too easily. What do you think, is my interpretation accurate? Did you feel this way after reading the book?