Isn’t easter a holiday that was sort of hi jacked from an old fertility cult?
Wasn’t there a “godess” named Astarte or something that people worshipped and got together in early spring to celebrate new life?

Well, the egg and the rabbit are pagan fertility symbols. And the whole “height of spring” thing coincides with a key point in the Pagan calander.

And that “easter” does sound an awful lot like the fertility goddes “Oestre” or something like that.

So… yeah, probably.

In Greek and the Romance languages, and some other languges, the name of the holiday is derived from Hebrew Pesach (“Passover”). Hence French Pâques, Spanish Pascua florida, Italian Pasqua, Finnish Pääsiäinen, Dutch Pasen, etc. English “Easter” and German “Ostern” are of uncertain origin. The most commonly given etymology is that the day is named after a Germanic goddess of the dawn whose name is spelled many ways, including “Eastre” and “Eostre”, a fertility goddess who was celebrated on the vernal equinox. The name is related to Latin Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn. Another theory is that “Easter” is a corruption of Latin alba, “white”, from the Latin name for Easter week, hebdomada alba.