Easy? Excel worksheet linking question

I want to create a workbook that has about 30 different sheets. I don’t want to have to scroll through all of the tabs to get to the sheet that I am looking for so I had the idea that I could create a sheet with links to all of the other sheets so that the workbook will always open to my “front page” and then I can click on a name in the list and it will take me to whichever worksheet. This must be possible somehow?


Name your sheets what you want to name them.

Click on the first cell that you want to link to a page and then choose >Insert >Hyperlink

Enter your Text to display:
Then click Bookmark and choose the sheet.

It’s pretty simple. I’m sorry that my instructions aren’t very detailed; but, I think I’ve given you enough to do what you want to do.

Yes, that will work, thanks for the quick response Shryn!

I do this using “buttons” (points for style if you arrange “autoshapes” into a heartwarming design) and create a macro for each button/shape to flip to the desired page. You can also make a button to flip to the main page and install it on each of the other pages for an easy return.

In addition to other sheets within the workbook you can hyperlink the gizmos to other Excel docs, Word docs, web pages…anything.

You can also name cell A1 (or any cell) in each sheet. Then Ctl-G (or “go to”) will bring up a list of your named cells and you can select one to go to. This has the added feature that you can go to more than one cell in a particular worksheet. Of course that may also be more confusing though if you have other named cells you don’t want to go to and therefore a long list to navigate.