Easy, portable Thanksgiving ideas

It looks like I’m going to be responsible for Thanksgiving this year, for my mom, girlfriend, and grandparents.

We’ll likely be doing dinner at my grandparents’ apartment, which has a small kitchen with limited counter space. Also, we’re likely going to try to keep the stay a short one; maybe 2 hours tops (or at least be ready and able to leave after about that much time if we have to).

So, are there any suggestions for stuff I could make/prep at home ahead of time, that would require a minimum of time and space on the day of? I suppose stuffing is an easy option, and that always tastes better after it rests for a while anyway. :slight_smile:

Slice up some red potatoes (with skins on) and yams (with skins on). Put in saucsepan with water. Boil till done. Drain. Put in pretty casserole dish

Thin some whole berry cranberry juice with orange juice. Heat till hot. Pour over potatoes.