Easy ways to slipcover a couch?

To summarize: money is tight, couch & loveseat have seen better days.

Anyone know of a cheap, easy way to slipcover them? I was thinking about buying a few sturdy flat bedsheets to drap over, tuck in, and maybe velcro into place.

(I have a sewing machine, but NO idea how to use it).

Any thoughts?






These were, along wil nine million other sites, the results of a google search for slipcovers. Some are more expensive, some are less, but it’s clear that somewhere on the web is a pretty cheap slipcover with your name on it. That seems to me to be the best option for you, really. The sheet and velcro idea will wind up being more frustrating than you’d think, and the results will be crumpled, with extra folds of fabric at every corner and a weird drape at the bottom. Plus, velco has a hard time sticking to fabric unless you glue it in place with something seriously heavy-duty. And you don’t want to take on this project with a sewing machine if you’ve never touched one before; I know, from experience, that sewing projects come out VERY unfortuante looking if you don’t know what you’re doing, and a big scale project like this could only be harder.
I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but trust me, if you take this on yourself, the couch will wind up looking worse than it already does. There are billions of slipcover manufacturers out there just waiting to take your 19.95 (after reductions and special discounta), so that’s what I’d suggest.

Thanks … prices are higher in Canada of course, plus shipping costs etc. So looks like to do both pieces of furniture, we’re looking at around $200 at least.

That’s still a little much. We don’t plan on keeping this furniture for much longer, but we’d like it to look a bit nicer in the meantime.

Ah well …

Part of it depends on where your furniture is worn the most. If most of the wear is on the seat/back, you can just get a coordinating sheet and tuck it over the back and under the cushions. It might look a little Early American Dorm Room, but it doesn’t look so bad for the short term. If the wear is mostly on the arms, though, it’s going to be more of a problem.

BTW, if you want to give the velcro a go, you can sew it onto the sheets. Drape your sheets the way you want them, then safety pin the velcro strips where you want them to be. Have someone show you how to run a basic seam on your machine, and sew the velcro in place. Just make sure you get the kind without the sticky backing–it’ll gum up your needle.

If you really, really don’t want to sew…

Take your bedsheet and lay it pattern side down on your couch. Then use safety pins to make folds and pleats until the sheet is form-fitted to your couch (you’ll want most of the pins around the edges, for obvious reasons). When you’ve got it situated to your liking, turn the sheet inside out and you should have a form-fitting slipcover with nice straight seams. You can pin the bottom edges of the sheet under the edge of the couch for a finished look.

Let me know if this works, my couch is looking pretty manky, too… :smiley:

Thanks …

CrazyCatLady - that’s pretty much exactly what I was thinking of for the Velcro.

Unfortunately, yeah a lot of the wear is on the arms. :frowning: I think what I’ll do is grab a couple of our spare sheets and see if I can quickly fashion them to look half-decent, and then if it seems like it’ll work, buy some sheets to use for this little project.

The furniture just screams 80’s - overstuffed, multicoloured stripes, etc. I would like to cover both pieces with something very neutral and bland and then get fun throw pillows to kind of spice things up a bit.