Easy Word Question

My muse is upon me and I am writing. A would-be collaborator encouraged me to use “track changes” for the first time(then disappeared without adding anything.

Now my work is full of changes I myself made, highlighted in red, with notes, all sorts of things I do not understand.

How can I simply accept all the changes and turn off this silly function?
I would appreciate your thoughts.

There should be a set of buttons that you can use to handle the changes. There’s one with a blue arrow to accept the change, and one with a red “x” to reject the change. When you click on one side of those, it offers the option of accepting or rejecting all at once, rather than one at a time.

If you don’t have them, they are in the “Formatting” tool bar, and I think that if you right click on a tool bar you are offered the chance to add or delete other toolbars.

That was it. Many thinks.

That was it. Many thanks._____________Deleted “i”