Eat my shit George W. Bush

You fucking break into Family Guy while a huge Bears game is on to discuss absolutely nothing of consequence. Yeah we know you rat-fucked Iraq and have a bunch of bumbling douche-bags working under you, quit fucking up my Sunday TV viewing with your verbal diarrhea.

Eat my shit, eat your own shit and eat Saddam’s WMD having shit.

I give it a zero, for both substance and style.

Eat my shit.

I give it a 10, for saying exactly as I was thinking while I watched this bullshit for 2 minutes.

Man, I despise presidential addresses, even from presidents I vote for (and have a decent speaking ability). Gimme the summary the next day, which’ll take me 5-10 minutes to read, and let me watch Family Guy and American Dad!

You beat me to it, Omni. Politics aside, this asshole needs to get the fuck off my screen. Nothing short of nuclear armageddon should pre-empt Family Guy.

Yes, Og forbid we should interrupt a sitcom or a football game to hear the leader of our country speak about an historic election in a former dictatorship. :rolleyes: Oh, I forgot. Pres Bush can do NOTHING right in your eyes.
Bread and circuses, people.

Can we just have one Bush-bashing thread, ya reckon? Not trying to shut you guys down - hey, make it a sticky. Put it in neon if you like. But there’s only so much you can do with “Bush is an idiot” and “Bush is wrong about Iraq”. It amazes me how this can continue to generate new threads at the same high rate after all this time.

Thank Og for a West Coast feed on the satellite dish.

Come on guys, we have reached the turning point in the war! Just when like we reached the turning point with the Janury elections and again with the Iraqi constitution.

Or when we broke the back of the insurgency. Or the saw the insurgency going into it’s final throes. Or whatever.

Coprophagia would be a step up for Bush.

It’s over. Feel better now?

Bush didn’t say a fucking thing we haven’t already heard ad nauseum.

WMD. Freedom. Democracy. No timetable (except in his head). Defeatist.

It was all utter bull shit.

Bush needed to blow a little smoke up the national ass to distract from that whole illegal domestic spying thing. Nothing more. I doubt it will work; the folks he’s lost at this point are not going to be won back with yet another restatement of the same old bullshit.

Even worse, since I had it on Fox, the coverage was introduced by ungrateful son and confirmed twat Chris Wallace. Telling reporters that you’re going to have a competency hearing for your famous-journalist dad because he said something you disagree with politically is just about as low as somebody can go.

He did say the war is not lost.

Not likely. In fact, I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

No, this speech was scheduled long before the wiretap story broke.

Mr. Blue Sky, I am officially jealous of you. :slight_smile:

I always forget to watch Family Guy, and the one night I remember, some schmuck is yakking away not saying anything new. I’d have been annoyed if it was someone I was fond of on TV, the fact that nothing new was presented and it interrupted Happy TV Time ™ was extra annoying. If he had to say something about it on TV, then he could have found a better time. (Although I vote for not interrupting regular programming. I’d rather watch an infomercial than listen to him. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Come on, now, there are a lot of corners on this war. A lot of corners to be turned.

Of course, that’s also why it has hurt so much to have it jammed up our ass. Let’s make sure we get into a more round war next time.

He can do nothing right; he fails at everything. If he wants to apprise us of his progress so bad, he can just have the channel run a banner ad at the bottom repeating “BUSH FAILS” over and over.

Besides, he’s a liar, so any speech he makes is worthless anyway. An equal amount of static has more meaning ( zero being more than a negative ).

Didn’t the election happen a couple days ago? Couldn’t he have done this a couple days ago?

Then again, if we wanted to watch him at all, we could always turn to C-SPAN.