Eating croissant flakes - weird?

I love Premiere Moisson’s croissants. When eating them, I save the flakes so that I can eat them after I’ve finished the croissants. Is this weird to do?

I like them too, but I have never tried to eat the flakes specifically, although I guess I do at the end. Nothing weird about it. But the Duc de Lorraine has the best croissants in town.

When I was a kid I did that. Something about the texture and the flavor of the crispy parts.

Hell no. Just did it this morning for ones we got at the Farmers’ Market yesterday. Some of the flakes are pretty big, and why waste them?

Flakes can be the best part. I don’t save them, per se, but I do hoover up any left on the plate after the pastry is gone.

I don’t really save the flakes specifically, but with my favourite croissants, a lot of flakes fall off naturally in the process of eating them. So I eat the flakes. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but that flake-eating thing qualifies as seriously deviant behavior. I’m afraid I felt compelled to report you to the FBI, CIA, INS, IRS, and Homeland Security. You will likely be deported to a country where they don’t have croissants. Maybe you will be able to find some biscotti or bagels or something. It’s for the best.

P.S. Boy, would I love a nice big almond croissant right now… from La Madeleine or Whole Foods.

Eating the flakes is what normal people do. It’s the ones that don’t eat the flakes that you have to keep an eye on. :dubious: