Eating honey before bed to improve sleep quality

The argument is that eating honey will help provide a stable source of energy for the brain during sleep while also causing a release of melatonin, which will result in more restful sleep.

I’ve been doing this the last few days and notice my dreams are more vivid and easier to remember.

But are there any serious studies or investigations into this? All I can find are amateur websites and I don’t know if/how valid the science behind the claim is.

I’ve never heard of straight up honey, I have heard of “milk and honey” as a sleep aid

The energy in honey is sugar. It is not going to supply “a stable source of energy” through the night. On the contrary, it is going to be burned up relatively quickly.

When I was a little kid, my mother used to tell me that when she was a child in the UK they advertised Horlicks (a malt based powder for making milk drinks) to prevent “night starvation” for much the reasons suggetsed above. This was supposed to have the kids get a good night’s sleep (and by clear implication, allow the parents the same luxury.)

Not much changes in the world of advertising.

I would concur with the above. There is no reason to believe it is true. There is some evidence that our ability to get off to sleep might be influenced by a solid carb hit before bedtime. But that is about it.

I don’t know if it improves my sleep, but Honey says it sure improves hers.

Damn! Beat me to it!

If you want better sleep, why not try Meletonin? That’s supposed to really help you sleep better. Although I heard that one of the side effects for some people is really vivid dreams.

A tablespoon of honey before bed is one of the remedies that kept me from waking up with leg cramps.