Eating without killing

Moralities; Giving a list of what we can eat without murdering it or the source of it, nor causing it pain. Please add your knowledge, thankyou.

  • Unfertilized eggs
  • Cheese
  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Milk
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Honey
  • Saps including from Sugar cane.
  • Oils

Vegetarian here with a question for the OP: What’s the debate?

Foods we can get without murdering their source:

None of these require murder.

Moved to IMHO as no debate.

Murder is a strong word, I think you’ll find most people don’t consider meat = murder. The killing in title is a more accurate term.

How do you feel about the lab grown meat their working on? This would be meat that was never a viable animal.

Assuming murder = killing an animal, then a vegetarian diet.

And if murder encompasses killing a whole plant, as opposed to merely harvesting, then you can only harvest produce like nuts, fruit, etc. You can’t uproot a whole carrot. (Although the thing would eventually die anyway.)

Wait; I have an egg carton in my refrigerator from Trader Joe’s and the box is labeled fertilized eggs. So who did I murder when I ate a couple this morning for breakfast? I can’t imagine there’s any way they could have become chickens.

According to PETA, milk, cheese, eggs and honey are the result of pain and exploitation of the source animals and insects so take those off the list.

And I’m sure someone in this wacky world there’s a PETP, People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants, so take everything else off your list.

Edited to clarity the insanity of my first sentence.

Now wait a minute, I think we can at least agree that PETA is a ridiculous group and should be laughed at only.

Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi, and it doesn’t kill the organism to harvest them.

Bird’s nest soup. The nests are made out of hardened saliva.


I will note that nuts are seeds and are alive (before roasting or drying). They must be killed to be consumed. Likewise grains. Also many vegetables are killed when they are harvested.

Nothing really. Even if you never eat something of animal origin, farming often requires the use of pesticides and the death of many animals. Feral pigs rooting through the crops? Dead. Cute little bunnies eating the crops? Dead.

Wait…it’s okay to eat something as long as it doesn’t kill (murder as mentioned is ridiculous) or harm the source, but what about the process of getting to the end product? Don’t lower level species such count?

Milk producing animals such as cows and goat eat grass and hay that contains insects and if fed commercially, their feed may contain parts of other animals. Mad Cow disease anyone?

Chickens and ducks are omnivores and will eat anything alive or dead if hungry enough.

All cultivated plants require management and protection against insects and animals, depriving and potentially causing their their from lack of food.

Keep taking away the honey without allowing the bees to replenish it quick enough and the hives die.

Same with taking sap from trees. Take too much, too often and the tree dies.

I don’t know how you think sugar from cane is extracted, but it’s probably the most disastrous process of all. Large sugar cane harvesting is done by setting parts of the field on fire to burn off the sharp leaves, killing anything in the field that doesn’t escape.

Yes, thankyou. Agree with all that.

Bird’s nest soup tastes (delicously) fishy because…ta da…the birds primary diet is fish!

I suppose it’s a debate as to what can be eaten on the right side of moral, causing no pain, nor death. People will have different research to add I hope.

You can’t possibly be this obtuse. You know what the OP means.

Animals are subject to Gods judgement, not ours. They eat without a moral code to change the decision to eat it. We are therefore absolved from ingesting what they put out. The seed and nut thing, yes that kills the prospect of the next plant that could take root and create more of itself. I think what drops off the tree/plant/vine is morally ok to eat. The seeds pass through us into the soil and another life is possible. Someone else said that on here, cool thought.

Don’t know what God you’re referring to, but MY GOD said:

“Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything”

Genesis 9:3

Now you’re getting silly. the seeds and fruits fall to the ground to be eaten and the seeds passed on by animals or germinate there. And unlike some animals, I don’t swallow seeds whole and pass them whole. Well, sometimes watermelon seeds. :slight_smile:

Half serious, half silly answers to a profoundly complicated question.

  1. Salt

Because we eat it, and its a mineral which by almost any moral or ethical standpoint, incapable of pain or death. We’ll leave out hypothetical world/location souls harmed by the destruction of the salt beds, and assume you’re picking it up from natural occurring salt pans so that no additional harm is done in the collection of said salt.

  1. Roadkill

Again, half serious, half silly. This would more correctly apply to any other ‘salvaged meat’ from creatures that died from natural causes, or even if someone donated their body willingly (think Stranger in a Strange Land). I’m of course exaggerating for the roadkill, because someone killed it, even if it wasn’t with the intention of doing so for consumption purposes.

  1. Bacterial colonies

This one is iffy, but since the OP listed cheese, which is produced by and of microbial life, which is killed during the processing (in most cases at least), I think it would fit. Certainly, we’re already killing tons of microbial life every time we eat a fruiting body, unless you’ve freshly scrubbed it with enough chemicals to create a negative health value from your fresh apple.