Ebay Bucks Question

Bought something recently on ebay and have 5.25 ebay bucks.
Then it says
Good job! You’ve unlocked your eBay Bucks certificate.
It should arrive on April 3, 2014
Start spending your Bucks in 31 days!
Does this mean i can’t spend those $5.25 ebay bucks until april 3rd? Im confused because if so… why would they tell me i have 5.25 in ebay bucks if i cant use it till april 3rd? And if so, how long do i have to use these ebay bucks?

Exactly. You can’t spend them until then. It’s just their way of trying to keep you coming back to the site on a regular basis, earning and spending ebay points.

You have 30 days to spend them from the time they become available.

Other answers in their FAQ.