Ebay question: Can a seller accept an order cancellation? (need answer fastish)

I did something quite dumb. I was looking for a particular unlocked cellphone that isn’t available for retail anymore but is common on e-bay sellers. When I was looking, I noticed an auction for a phone for a particularly low value, and made a token bid under the market value that I never expected to actually win. Over the next few days, I forgot I made that bid, and ended up buying the phone elsewhere. I check my e-mail, and … I won that ebay auction with the unexpectedly low winning bid.

Now if I have to, I will pay for it, resell it, and eat the fees/hassle. But I was wondering - since this seller is a major ebay seller with a big cell phone business, could I offer to pay them cash for their wasted time/ebay fees/whatever in lieu of buying the phone from them? Is this supported within the ebay rules? Say I offer them 10% of the value of it, which would be way more than their listing fees - if they find that this is acceptable, is there a way for me to back out of the sale without an unpaid/black mark on my ebay record?

The reason I mention they’re a big seller is that it would be easier for them to just throw another auction up since they probably sell hundreds of the things, compared to an individual seller going through the hassle of selling one item.

As a buyer, you are invulnerable.

Ebay is completely structured in favor of buyers - just contact the seller and say that you bid on the item by mistake. They will cancel the auction, and everyone will go their separate ways.

A bit of googling says that if you get flagged for non-payment twice, you’re banned for a year. Since I don’t imagine I will get another non-payment flag, I could it eat, but I was wondering if there would be other negative consequences - obviously a negative feedback is likely.

I’m willing to rectify them by sending them some money for the hassle, I just wondered if there was a way they could accept it and cancel the auction without any sort of red flag against me.

Just contact them.
There are a zillion ways to opt-out of a transaction - pick one.
You will only be at risk for non-payment if you just ignore the transaction.

Okay, thanks. I contacted them, offered to pay 10% of the item cost as a good will/I fucked up/sorry to waste your time fee (I’m not sure ebay actually supports sending arbitrary amounts of paypal money to sellers, but I could just do it to their address) and hopefully they’ll be reasonable about it. Since that item usually sells for about 20% more anyway, and they make hundreds of cell listings per day, I would imagine it would actually be easier/beneficial for them to relist it and get more. So hopefully they’ll work with me on this.

If not, what are the consequences of simply not paying (and getting marked for non-payment)? I can buy it and resell it but it’s a hassle and I’ll take a loss anyway. Will you get blacklisted from a lot of auctions for non-payment? IIRC one of the things you can set as a buyer is a “don’t allow bids from people with non-payment flags” option

Ebay is pretty secretive about their punishment for non-paying bidders, but based on the sheer numbers of people who have won auctions of mine and then just ignored them, it can’t be very severe.

As a seller, I’d always rather be contacted by a bidder and asked to cancel the auction then go through the hassle of filing a non-paying bidder complaint (required to get the listing fees refunded). If a bidder asks to cancel his bid, the seller can cancel the auction on his end, both parties agree, and then all fees are refunded - no harm, no foul.

Unless eBay has changed since I stopped using it a few years ago, it is impossible for a seller to leave negative feedback for a buyer. The choices are positive or neutral. That was one of the big changes that shifted all the power to the buyers.

Back when I was a seller I would have been ecstatic to have a buyer as conscientious as you.

Don’t make it complicated. As an active seller I get several cancellations a month I’d rather you just simply cancelled vs the hassle of taking a small partial payment. 30 seconds of my time and it’s back up for sale. Just tell them you need to cancel.

Well, he has the option to simply say “don’t bother, I’ll just cancel” - I offered the money in case that makes it less shitty for them.

Anyway, I haven’t received a reply yet. Do you happen to know based on the seller’s interface, will they see my message before they mark me as non-paying? I’d hate to see them file the report without even seeing what I said.

I did it via contact seller, subject change order, and picked the auction it concerned. So hopefully at least they’ll see my message at some point. Puts me in an awkward position - I’m willing to buy it if I have to, but I don’t want to go ahead and do that before I know if they even read and refused my offer.

A bidder has 3 days to pay for an item before the seller can file a complaint. Once the seller files a complaint, the clock starts ticking, and then there is at least another week or so.