eBay question

I am trying to buy an Xbox console. After doing a search, I get about 99% results on auctions selling “info on how to get xbox for $25” etc… I was curious as to what these auctions are actually trying to accomplish. if someone could buy xboxs for $25 and thus resell them and make a huge profit, then why are they trying to sell the info for a measely $5 or so…

I have heard that the seller merely emails you a few links to some wholesale sites but some of the auctions I come across explicitly says “…NOT some wholesale list” "…“this is real info that lets you buy an xbox for $25 guaranteed!”
Whats the deal?

Well, there is a website for retail employees that lets you get Xbox stuff for cheap. All you have to do is say you’re a retail employee, and take a bunch of quizzes and get the questions right. I guess they want the employees to know a bit about the Xbox.

I forgot the URL, and I can’t remember if one of the items available is an Xbox.

That ‘free info’ selling info auctions are usually links to a site like say, globalmarketing.com which I think is just a spam site to sell more stuff for globalmarketing.com, which are probably the people who put that stuff on ebay.com in the first place. I heard from people who got stuff cheap that way but just like a controller or an adapter. As you can imagine, after they got 100,000 requests for free stuff, they would learn to not give it out, eh? :slight_smile:

I have read that this is a sort of scam. You basically claim to be a reviewer from a magazine and they send you free stuff to write about. I don’t know how wide-spread this is though.