eBay Sellers: Where do you get boxes from?

I have a car which died and I’m thinking of selling it piece by piece on eBay. But one daunting thought is having to come up with a lot of boxes in assorted sizes to accomodate the various pieces. Is there some simple & inexpensive way of coming up with boxes that are suitable for shipping?

You can get flat-rate boxes and envelopes free from the post office. The shipping on those is sort of expensive but good if your items are very heavy but small. You can also use those boxes not as flat-rate but priced by weight, if you simply cover them in brown paper before putting the label on.

I keep a stash of boxes from all the shit I order online, too. If you pack them inside of each other or break them down, they don’t take up too much room.

This. I’ve got an array of flattened boxes + packing material in my basement; I can almost always find teh right sized box for whatever I’m shipping.

If you’re using the post office’s free priority boxes for non-priority mail and the post office catches on, they’ll charge the recipient the difference between the cheaper rate and what it would’ve cost via priority.

I ship a bunch of stuff and I also re-use boxes I get when I order from Amazon, etc. You can also get boxes via uline.com. It may be worth it depending on how often you use a particular sized box, etc.

I get most from my job. My local Dollar Store gives me access to their boxes too. My job also supplies a wide variety of bubble wrap and a neighbor has access to all the styrofoam peanuts I could ever need. All I have to buy is tape.