eBay sniper software

What is a good program for eBay sniping? I have one I use, but it’s buggy and annoying.

I’ve used auctionsniper.com a number of times during the past couple of years. I have no complaints.

I have used www.cniper.com and found it reliable. Plus I like the attitude of the guy who provides it. His “info” section is a hoot.

Sounds like you’re looking for opinions. Moved.

samclem Moderator, General Questions

I’ve been happy with Bidnapper for a couple of years.

I’ve never used one of these as I’ve done all my sniping manually, but I have no problem with the concept. The only question I have is… Anyone concerned about someone else having access to your eBay password and therefore account? I’d be kind of afraid that I’d log on one day and see someone had bought a Ferrari or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or is this not even possible due to how they are set up?

I use jbidwatcher, it runs on your computer rather than being a service. Not too fancy but it’s worked well for me.

I use esnipe. They even have a Firefox plugin where you can snipe the auction straight from the eBay page. I hear they’re actually OWNED by eBay. So they might be a little less shady then the rest…

last time I sniped, I used hammersnipe, I think.