Ebay's Global Shipping Program

Ebay has a Global Shipping Program, with which sellers can send something internationally by sending it to a domestic shipping center, which forwards it to the actual international site.

Does anybody have the actual address of the domestic shipping center, which I’ll use as my customer’s address? I’ve been unable to find this on the eBay website.

I sent a package using this service in March of 2017 and the address was:

1850 Airport Exchange Blvd #200
Erlanger, KY 41025
United States

Ok, thanks.

Yeah, GSP packages always go to the Erlanger, KY address. eBay should provide it for you after the customer pays and you create a shipping label. It’s my understanding that the package is opened when it reaches Erlanger and then repackaged and forwarded with other packages to it’s destination country. They will also handle the customs forms. It’s a good program overall, but they will seize items if the description sounds like it’s a prohibited item even if it isn’t. There was an incident recently that someone reported where they bought a rare Bluray boxed set and the item description included “gas tank”-- the package was seized and allegedly destroyed by distribution center because it was thought to contain a prohibited item. One of the nice things about GSP is that it does offer the seller a level of protection because once it reaches the Erlanger facility, it becomes the responsibility of eBay even if it gets lost or broken on its way overseas.