Eco-Challenge Fiji - new race/show on Amazon Prime

I know some of us used to watch Eco-Challenge(nearly 20 years ago).

Anyway, there is a new season of it, though I don’t consider this a “season” of a reality show because this is so much more than a reality show. If they keep it like the old races, it’s insane how hard they push them and how difficult the race is.

It’s not being released weekly. All of it dropped on Amazon Prime viewing today. My wife and I are watching the first episode now and it is very refreshing to see it again.

Anyone else watching?

I’ve been a fan going back to the original show in the mid-90s. I’m a couple of episodes in and it’s good so far…maybe a bit too much human interest vs race action but I’m enjoying it.

Ha! Now that’s a blast from the past. The Mrs. and I will have to put it on our list of things to watch. Thanks for the notification!

It’s great. I’m on the final two episodes now and honestly, I love this as much as I did 15+ years ago. It’s thrilling, devastating, and really is the world’s hardest(or most grueling) race.

I have seen that they are doing another one that is currently delayed because of Covid. It’s going to be in Chile and will be filmed either in February 2021 or November 2021 depending on the situation.

Amazon is hyping that it is from the people who make Survivor. My wife and I enjoy watching Survivor each week. Does this show have the same sort of vibe, or is it really a whole different animal?

It’s actually what Mark Burnett produced before Survivor, this being the first new one in 17 years.

It’s a lot different(not a reality show, just a straight up race). It’s kind of what Amazing Race should be. No drama, no tying people up, no forced situations.

My Mom and I are massive Survivor fans. I recommended it to her and she loved it. My wife had not seen the other Eco Challenges and she loved it to.

You should check it out.

My wife and I are discussing who would be a good celebrity team. Not one we would like to torture, but one that would do a good job. Ours so far:

Bear Grylls(I love he hosts this, he actually could do it), Eddie Izzard(because of his 70+ marathons)…not sure who else?