economic crisis and the future

I’ve pretty much read most of the current threads regarding the crisis, including the post game analysis on why the bailout bill failed in the house.

This is part GQ, and probably GD, with maybe a dash of Pit , so of course I am posting it in IMHO.

Anyhoo, opinions on what this will do for future economic courses in school. I’m not really too up on what economists actually study. Actually I am probably conflating lawyers studying case law with econ’s studying the tulip crisis , great depression , and what ever else.

Will this get crisis get any kind of traction in future econ 101 classes.


It’s a major event in economic history, and so it’ll get a mention in econ 101, but it won’t be dissected until you hit the upper level classes.

Agree. And it’ll take 5 years or so, perhaps more depending on how things pan out, before enough distance from the situation allows for a consensus to develop on how it all played out and what lessons can be drawn from it.

Whatever provisions are incorporated into federal housing lending statutes will be briefly discussed- they will be to this crisis what the FDIC was to the Depression- and that’s about it.

Much too complicated for anything less than an upper level undergrad course.

It may take Republicans that long to figure out how to spin this as a Democratic failure. :stuck_out_tongue: